Risk Consulting

Public and private sector organizations face risk from many sources, including criminal activity, workplace violence, regulatory compliance and natural hazards.
G4S Risk Consulting is a professional security consultancy with decades of experience in providing clients with the comprehensive security solutions they need.
Our team of security consultants is unparalleled in the industry and consists of recognized experts with functional expertise across multiple competencies.
We have successfully provided clients with detailed protective solutions in a wide range of industries across the corporate, private and government sectors.

Our expertise and knowledge allows us to partner with our clients to deliver tangible benefits to manage complex security risks, making a significant contribution to their bottom line.
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providing expert advice at every stage...

Threat Risk Assessment

Threat Risk Assessments

Our threat risk assessment process employs a proprietary multi-dimensional analysis method, customized to the needs of the Canadian marketplace.
Security Management

Security Management

Soliciting unbiased, qualified security advice from experts is necessary for organizations committed to realizing the maximum benefits of their security programs.
Physical Security

Physical Security

Coordinating with facility owners, design architects, engineers to implement appropriate protective measures into newly constructed or retrofitted facilities.
Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure

Recognized experts in the complex discipline of Critical Infrastructure Protection.


Security Metrics

Measuring Your Security Department

As security professionals, we need to be able to show that security programs are enabling the business..
Drones: Threat from Above

Drones: Threat from Above

Recent operations in Iraq and Syria clearly highlight the viability of unmanned aerial systems as a legitimate terrorist tactic.
Vehicular Terrorism The Threat Behind the Wheel

Vehicular Terrorism: The Threat Behind the Wheel

Recent vehicular attacks clearly highlighted the viability of vehicle ramming as a legitimate terrorist tactic.
Supply Chain: Defeating the Security Watchdog

Supply Chain: Defeating the Security Watchdog

The threat of GPS jamming technology and recommendations to protect your business.

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